Gulpha Gorge Campground

If it were not for Squirmy Feet ( ) we would have probably never found this place inside the Hot Springs National Park. Gulpha Gorge Campground is a small NP CG inside Hotsprings NP , it has about 30 ish site that can only be used on a first come first serve base.  It does not […]

1 day left…

Tomorrow we are leaving…well maybe tonight since we got everything done (we think)  My office moved Tuesday night into the RV and I worked from there on Wednesday Pressure Tank drained Hotwater Tank drained Lines drained and blown out Antifreeze in all traps and toilet water tank Lights on timers tested Webcams tested Fridge emptied […]

Workamping …end of career or career ?

I think the answer is pretty obivous but then I realize that I see the world differently according to popular believes. We are going to start our first workamping adventure on Nov 1st. Well  Andrea is, I am going to continue my day job so we have affordable healthcare. I think we did our due […]


Andrea been geeting some jitters for the workamping job. Someone in a FaceBook group is also starting at the place she is and has also been told that there is never an opening and other similiar unique aspects. Makes us wonder a bit and we thought about calling and asking some clarification…but then whats the […]