Cooters Place/Nashville

Next to the Willie Nelson Museum was Cooter’s Place, a gift shop/museum dedicated to the Dukes of Hazard. Entrance was free but  it cost $5 to have your picture taken inside the General Lee. The Museum contained mostly merchandize from the TV series and some “REBEL” wear… Plenty of Southern Flags, MAGA and 2nd Amendment […]

Lack of TV

since we are currently on a break from traveling to rent/sell house but only staying for 2 months we decided not to get “house internet” and are using our hotspots  for work and entertainment. Since we don’t want to senselessly  use data we only watch what we really need. usually after work I plopped down […]

more TV

maybe not “better” TV but definitely “more” Very small, low cost upgrade  to the RV antenna. I didnt expect much “gain” but was surprised that by installing the “Winegard RV-WING Wingman White UHF Booster TV Antenna”  actually helps getting more TV stations on the RV. Usually any project I start turns into some sort of “KLSTRPHK” […]