And then this happend….

Sunday evening, light rain showers in the area no wind worth mentioning.. We lay in bed and are snoozing off as suddenly I hear a weird PLOINK sound followed by the RV rockin one time. My first thought was someone is trying to steal the bicycles but when I got up to check I saw […]

Bentson Rio Grande Statepark / Green Jays

We went to the Bentson Rio Grande StatePark in Mission for an exploratory visit and were very impressed with the services offered. For $5 per Person …or FREE if you have the TEXAS STATEPARK PASS you have access to the park with a lot of hiking trails and bird watching blinds.  You can also take […]

Level 4 Audit

Yesterday we got a call from the RV dealer about the new rig. It’s not at the dealer yet and they told us its currently in a “Level 4 Audit” to make sure everything is perfect. Personally I think that’s code “we didn’t get it done yet”, but whatever , they have some excuse might […]