Travel Day to San Antonio


We left Mission,TX around 8:30 AM and arrived in San Antonio just before 1 PM. The Gentleman at the check in counter had a bit of an attitude because we didn’t pull in to the waiting area…

Here is an idea….MARK IT, PUT UP A SIGN…. We usually follow the sign for the officd and there is usually a designated area for pakring rig for the checking process.

Anyways… I kept my mouth shut and apologized.

After we set up camp I took Lilly to the Riverwalk for a bit and she played in the San Antonio River.

We were getting hungry and decided to take the bus to downtown San Antonio. They have a nice app that allows you to buy ticket online and just scan the QRZ code in the bus. You can also text the busstop number and it will tell you when the bus will arrive and if there is a delay.

After lunch at MAD DOG BRITISH PUB at the Riverwalk (popped up in my “Happy Cow” vegetarian food App) we decided to take a short walk around the Alamo since the wait was very long and talked to the people in the Visitor Center to get an idea of what to do while we are here.

Back to the Campground and a dip in the pool / hottub.

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