McAllen Arbor Day 100k

I started roadbiking ( on a mountain bike ) in November and got my first Roadbike in December.A couple of guys who have been riding for years talked me into trying to ride the 100k ( 62.5 miles ) ride on Labor Day. Unfortunately I am still working and cant train/ride as much as these guy  but yesterday was the day and I did it.. The first 32 miles I did great average speed was around 19 mph ( hindsight too fast )  and I felt great. Then at the turnaround spot we took a short break and rigor mortis set it fast. When we got back on the bike I was hurting and out of steam. The 2 guys in my team had to wait twice for me and in some section my speed dropped down to below 12 mph. At the end we finished with an average speed of 16.2 mph  over the entire distance.

It was a great day and my personal  best for 100k was improved by 30 min and we completed the ride just under 4hrs.


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