Saying Goodbye to an old friend…


Today we said our goodbyes to a friend of 16 years and helped him cross that Rainbow Bridge at the good age of 17.

It was not an easy step for us but it had to be done and we owed him that favor. A few months ago his mind started to disappear, he stopped sleeping and snuggling with us, he started to be afraid of his own shadow, he bit us when we put the leash on him and he bit us when we tried to help him with the stairs. He forgot to use the bathroom outside and paced relentlessly all night. We were able to give him some relief with pain meds for his arthritis but that wore off quickly. The last few days he slept 99% of the day just getting up to relief himself on the floor next to his bed.

I started to hate him, not him but what he has become. The shine in his eyes was gone, he did not recognize me anymore, he was afraid of me reaching out to him trying to pet him. All he did was eat,sleep,shit. Lilly just gave him nose bumps when she walked by, she didnt even try playing with him anymore. The cats walked by and rubbed against him…seemed like their way of saying goodbye .

The hardest part was making the call for the appointment, not the injection, not the fading away in my arm. It actually felt good to feel him relax, lose the pain, get rest and have all the aches of his physical existence go away.

Farewell my friend, thank you for 16 years on my side, the hikes, the shannanigan the companionship. You will be missed, not the shell you were at the end but the happy happy happy dog that made us laugh.





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