Long day but its all done and over with..

We arrived at St David Medical Center at 12:30 filled out paperwork and were assigned a prep room. A nurse came in and took  vitals and blood. Andrea said she was a “hard stick” but the nurse she is good….well she was not and it ended up being painful for andrea and with blood on the floor.

First we were told surgery would be at 3:30 PM but they did no start on her till after 5 PM. I went home ate, walked the dogs and went back to the hospital. Around 7 PM the Doc came in and told me that everything went fine and she did well. almost 2 hrs later the Recovery Room nurse called me to let me know that she is in her room.

She was pretty tired and doped up, I only stayed briefly and went back to take care of dogs and go to bed.
The next day I was able to pick her up at noon time. She was given 4 new prescription to help with the aftermath of the surgery which we filled at a local HEB pharmacy. After close to an hour of waiting we finally got our meds and went home to relax.


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