Austin ER visit

We went to bed and Andrea said that she was not feeling well. We tested her heartbeat with “KardiaMobile” (
Not a paid sponsor or endorsement but that thing works great detecting AFib.
I am glad we went to the ER yesterday in daylight so we had an idea where to go and what roads to take. Of course driving at 11 PM, in the dark, in the rain and a unknown town is ALWAYS fun.

The ER was pretty efficient, they got her in, assigned a room to her the ER Doc came in talked to us, we explained that we have the Ablation scheduled for Tuesday and this is most likely due to her being off her meds . He managed to talk to her cardiologist who will be doing the ablation and was told to perform a Kardioversion on her.

They got the machine in, set her up and zapped her with 200 joule …twice before she was back in regular rhythm..they were  letting me stay and watch too.

We had to stay for 45 min for monitoring and after that were discharged and could  go back home/the RV.
Another rainy dark drive home and we were in bed around 1:30 AM



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