Very bad night of sleep for everyone. Andrea couldn’t sleep, the cats were chasing each other up and down the RV. Hunter was restless and had his accidents and we did not want to have him put to sleep this week and have to go into surgery with that on our mind. (Well I wanted to but andrea didnt)

I was hot and cold since 1 AM, then got up at 3 AM to clean up the mess Hunter left and at 4:15 AM I had enough and got up to walk the dogs. Hunter walked his 0.001 mph speed and Lilly wanted to power walk. (Note to self…not a good mix to have a old dog and young dog together)

When I got back at 5AM andrea was already up herself.

The plan is to be out of here by 8 AM…which should not be an issue due to early start, get gas for the RV and drive 320 miles to Austin.

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