Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our Wedding Anniversary this week and I thought it be nice to send Andrea some flowers to her office as a surprise.

I went online to FTD and  order  her a $34 arrangement which after tax and fee came to $63. Instructions were simple, deliver to this address OFFICE on this date.

The day before our anniversary someone shows up at the Campsite with the arrangement and guess who answered the door…. right andrea… surprise nicely ruined.

I called FTD , they apologized and offered to sent a new and bigger arrangement to the right location  ob the correct date.
On 01/10 i get an email saying the flowers were delivered. I called Andrea and she told me nothing was delivered. Once again I called FTD and they said they talked to the Florist and the flowers will be there in 20 min. …nothing till 3 hrs later and the delivery guy shows up at our campsite again with a smaller arrangement…AND he is demanding the first arrangement back ( which btw already started to wilt )

I told the delivery person that if the Florist  wants his first arrangement back he can come to my site and we can have a little discussion about reading delivery dates correctly.

I called  FTD again and they offered a full refund which we took.

Lessons learned…go and buy flowers yourself.


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