Performance Enhancer

I was always  a big skeptic of  Muscle Milk, Protein Shake, Workout Gels and what not..but since I recently started getting into biking ( still riding my super heavy mountain bike on streets for 25 to 30 miles ) I discovered ( or maybe been fooled ) into using them.

Like with most “gateway shakes”  a friend hooked me up. We did a 25 miles ride ( first time in over 30 years I have done that )  I started to feel the cramps during the last mile. Once we finished he gave me one of the shakes he has been using called “Recoverite” which was suppose to help with  the post workout cramps and soreness the next day.

I have to admit I didn’t feel bad the next day, a bit sore but no issues with cramps or soreness on a level where I would have been able to point to the ride.

I got my own powder now and used it after a 30 miles ride with the same success, I also ordered some gels to use during the workout to help , but have not tried them yet.


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