we got soaked…

we had this grand idea to do another one of the guided birdwalks in Estereo Llano Grande…unfortunately the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival is currently and every park / greenzone is surrounded by fellow birders with equipment that I can only imagine to be able to afford.

once we saw the Tourbusses we decided to go to Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge instead and had a bit more luck with the crowds.

30 min into our walk it started to rain, not a downpour but once of these misty steady rains that are really good for your garden.  The dirt in the the Valley seems to be mostly cake bater that just sticks to your shoes and makes everything a mess.

We did not see much  new but were able to see a Semipalmated Sandpiper, Great Egret, Kiskadee and Black Necked Stilt.


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