National Butterfly Center,Mission TX

Another nature center that will disappear when the borderwall will be build.

Last year we were not impressed with the amount of butterflies but this year it was different there were so many monarch butterflies in the milkweed refilling before their next  journey into mexico .

butterfly center


3 thoughts on “National Butterfly Center,Mission TX

  1. Timing your visit right with the current season is probably important at these nature preserves, I imagine. The butterflies will always be “on time,” but we may miss the memo since we don’t share their clock. 🙂

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    • True, and social media can help, we went one weekend and saw clouds of butterfles moving south when we were at the traffic light. The next weekend we saw a lot less and a few days after that we had clouds of yellow butterflies move by. The butterfly center updates often with how many butterflies have moved in and sometimes these groups just stay for the night, refill and continue south the enxt morning.


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