Spectrum / the constant struggle

Being stationary for a while we decided to treat ourselves to some good old Broadband Access. Easy said…not so easy done… I called Spectrum  to re-activate my “Internet Only” Account since the cable was still there from April and we are in the same spot.

The sales lady tried to upsell me and I refused ( and refused and refused and refused) … She then told I can’t use my own cablemodem because its OLD and HAS NOT BEEN USED in a while ( funny cause I did not tell her age, brand, model of it yet ) …ONLY after I informed her that I am  recording this conversation and she should repeat the part about my modem she was able to get techsupport to activate it (well it took 2 hrs and talking to mulitple people to get it done, because she messed up my account with features I don’t want )

As sad as it is recording conversation is so important these days. it saved me so many times from unwanted services and “they” are doing it too but its hard to get to that recording to show who said what. If you record it yourself  there won’t be any discussion. I had an issue where T-Mobile played the “well you must have misunderstood us card, since you are not a native english speaker ” card and I just played back the recording and the issue was resolved. Same with TimeWarnerCable back in the NorthEast…oh you must have misunderstood us, sorry we can’t get to that recording… I hate not trusting people but these days you just can’t when it comes to Retail and Services

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