Fannin Battlefield


The Battle of Coleto Creek  and the massacre of Goliad.

We drive about 20 min toward Goliad and visited Fannin Battlefield. Nice park / picnic area/ historic site with a YUGE Texas  size and style BBQ , covered picnic area for family event ( not sure why you want to have a fun picnic where  over 300 men were killed )

There is a small air conditioned ( THANK YOU) building with a modern display of what took place.

Basically Col Fannin was fighting the Mexican army during the Texan Revolution. Outgunned and outnumbered he surrendered thinking “rather be a POW than DEAD” First the Mexican army took care  of the texans troops by giving food and medical supplies but  then General Santa Anna ordered the men to be executed over 300 were lead into a field and shot, 28 men survived by running and jumping in the river swimming to safety. Under  those 28 men was also a fellow german “Hermann Ehrenberg” who later on wrote a book about the Texas Revolution and ended up having a city in Arizona named after him but still ended up being murdered in 1866…

Amazing when you can put names and lifestories to historic places.

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