Hot Springs Tower

Amazing how one ( or two ) can travel 1300 miles and the landscape did not change much . Other than the Bark on some of the trees this could be New York or Vermont. Green mountains, hills/mountains. OK, at a closer look the rocks look different …more quartz here and shale back in the north east.

We drove up to the watch tower and were greeted by a sign saying the elevator was broken. I still wanted to see the view from Top so I paid the $5 to CLIMB 303 steps up to the tops of the 260 fee(?)  tall tower. Andrea stayed in the this heat and humidity we did not want to risk another AFib incident.

The Views were as expected, GREEN wherever you look. it was neat to see the gorge where we camped and I am still baffled that we have such a good cellsignal to me to work from/with. After the tower we drove up to one of the overlooks I hiked too a few days earlier


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