My first poop shower

well … not that bad more of a semi poop baptism. Somehow I managed to  NOT connect the sewer correctly and one of the hooks didn’t connect all the way ( or at all, it was the one behind the waste line)  and  when I pulled the black tank valve a fountain of “you know what” sprayed the inside of the wetbay….WOOT WOOT

Busy dump station, me…NOT A CLUE what to do … CANT clean and run  SHIT right next to the dump…so I rinsed outside and finished up and took off..

By the time we made it to the first Rest Area on I40 I had a plan.

We pulled over, I open wetbay drains put bucket under and used outdoor shower to rinse bay clean..then bleach…rinse and bleach again.. looks like Brand New

Lessons learned… ALWAYS check connections …..ALWAYS

2 thoughts on “My first poop shower

  1. Ugh! Not happen to me but have seen it happen several times by others. Most of the time, it is as you described. We get complicit in mundane jobs and that is a source for trouble. Not much worse than dealing with a mess like that, other than have to deal with the aftermath of somebody’s crappy mess. The bright side is most learning curves cost $$$.. this one was just a little pride!


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