Back to the Hospital

Some people collect stickers and pins from National Parks they have visited. I might start doing the same from ER we had to go to .

The plan was to  take the afternoon off and go to the Cincinnati Zoo and visit Sihil , an ocelot we saw this year at Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville,TX

I just put my vacation request in and my wife told me  that she didnt fell well. She used her Kardia Monitor  and it also stated she is in AFib. I called the Campground Office and got the name of the closet ER and took her there.. In Batesville,IN

They tried to Cardiovert  her twice but no luck. I am sure not someone who would correct medical personal on how to do things but they placed one of the pads way of the spot they did the last two times and not as it was printed on the pad itself.

After that they tried to try it medically and gave her some pills that within an hour suppose to  bring her back. 2 hrs later…still no change. It was decided to keep her over night and consult with the cardiologist  in Cincinnati.

Around 8 PM Andrea messaged me saying that she is fluttering alot , apparently a sign that her heart is trying to regulate itself back. and around 9 PM she told me she is back to normal and the cardiologist vom Cincinnati is coming Wednesday morning to talk to her.

In theory that means that I can pick her up at lunch time today.


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