Texas bound PA to MD

We stayed at another HarvestHosts, a bigger operation with ALOT of public traffic.

Between the tasting they also offer dinner. We felt a bit bumbuzzled  but I guess it was not bad… at the end

Here is the scoop

$35 per Person buys you a total of 4 tickets ( which can be exchanged for 1 bottle  or individual drinks ) and 2 “protein” ticket which get you steak, salmon, scrimp or chicken that you must grill yourself outside o a nice hot charcoal grill.

Since I don’t eat meat I can take my “protein” ticket and exchange it for either a bottle or 4 individual frink tickets. and eat all the veggies they have ( baked potato, vorn, green beans, salad, texas toast, rice)

When Andrea had her last glas of whine they ran out and had to open a new one but since it was so close to closing time they gave her the almost open bottle.

We had to run the generator the entire night to stay cool but we slept pretty good overall.


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