The last bit you ever need

Since the TV in the RV was on the cheesy side and we had the same size TV in the house I decided to replace it.

EASY PROJECT, 4 screws hold the TV to the frame replace..BAMM done.

Well not so fast… THOR, the maker of the RV decided to use a bit I dont have. First I thought it was a star bit, then I tried my Torx, also no match, after taking a closer look I saw it has 8 contact point. I went to the hardware store an took home what they call a SPIDER bit, which was also not it… the guy at he hardware store got o frustrated he offered me to take free of charge the store bit set and see if any of them work. We did some research and found something called a “8 Spline double square” and ordered it 3 days later I could pick it up.

10 min of work, 10 days of research 4 trips to different stores and finally I got the right one.

My Tip for anyone new to RVing. Go the the hardware store and by any weird bit you dont already have as well as order this beauty. You might never need them but maybe you will make some poor schmucks day when he needs one.

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