Back in New York

For 4 weeks..

The weather is not playing along and the entire week is suppose to be rain, humid, hot and thunderstorms. We have the roof partially torn up and covered with tarp. Andrea started painting inside and the selling of furniture has started again.

After the Lowes debakel we ordered from homedepot and were surprised how easy and smooth the process was. We will def. use them for the carpet as well… we already made an appointment for them to come out and measure.

I managed to cut the gras after work yesterday stopped raining just long enough for it to dry a bit.

Apparently our welfare neighbors added a rooster to their little chickenfarm and we were got the 3:30 AM wakeup call….I really cant wait not having to watch or hear these people again.

I am back to work and remembered why I dont like to go on vacation…the first few days back are usually crazy busy… I really would love to take the dogs ..or at least lilly for a walk after work but the weather just sucks…

2 thoughts on “Back in New York

  1. Haha, sounds like your neighbors are from the same clan as our neighbors! Fortunately we’ve got a contract on our house, due to close the sale on Aug 29, and then we’re outta here for good!

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    • Lucky you… well atleast we wont have to see them for a while with the tenants moving in… and I doubt we would move back in .. which is sad.. i love the stream and the mountains I can see from my deck but the 300 lbs woman wearing a mumu and no undies bending over and tending to her garden… NOT SO MUCH


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