Why is no one being kind ?

It used to be about being kind, enjoying music, meeting nice people when my wife suckered me in to the music of the grateful dead and we started going to concerts of dead and company, a great mix of new and old musicans.

The first shows were great, we met wonderful kind people with interesting stories to tell. Then the whole scene seemed to have turned into a bunch of people that attempt to get as high, drunk and messed up in as short of time as they can. We have seen people hitting pot and alcohol so hard in the first set just to be passed out the second set. People feel the constant urge to talk during the show to impress each other with who the biggest fan is and the being kind thing totally went down the drain.

The boulder shows started with a bunch of old drunk dude being in the middle of the parking garage blocking cars so their buddies have spots…followed by another group of cool older dudes…cutting the line so they dont have to wait like the rest of us schmucks. On the inside drunk or under some influence females argued with the security people about wristbands for the floor, she was clearly scamming her friend to come in the floor without paying for it.

Once on the floor is was just a display of stoned, brainless bobblehead people smoking without consideration for who is around them, dancing so wild constanly stepping on others and spilling fluids around. Where is the kindness, where is the love ? What happend to peace and love ?

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the music and seeing the band, but i am done with the drug exposure and the public display of stupidity that comes with it.

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