Emotional Support Animals

We are currenty attending the Peach Music Festival in Scranton ,PA . 3 Days of Music, Peace Love all that… Good Music Festival we enjoyed for the last 4 years.

One of the nice features is that it is in a water park and you can float in the pool while listening to band play.

HOWEVER, it is usually HOTTER than the gates of hell, tons of concrete too hot to walk barefoot on, drunk and drugged people, yelling, drama, horseplay etc…and then there are some of these “professional Festival people” with their ” emotional support dogs”, the dog is clearly stressed, hot, confused, doesnt have shade to lay in while owner gets stoned, when dogs barks cause it wants in the water or some drunk splashes them they get yelled at or worse.

We dropped our furbabies off at the vet for the weekend I miss them like crazy and I know it would only costs me 100 bucks to make them “emotional support dogs” but I know this environment would freak them out even more and we ould have to leave them in the camper with AC running on a parking lot and loud people everywhere. We are doing what is good for the animals and not to be with my animals. Believe me I rather snuggle up with a dog butt in my face than just a doggie blanket.

So back to my original grief. I think people need to be better educated on support animals, and while I think there is a place for emotional support animals in places like housing, NP etc there should be some sort of verification that it makes sense to bring dogs to certain events and also that these dogs re comfortable. If a support dog cooks in the heat with no water and the handler is too stoned or drunk…the handler should be asked to provide shelter for the pet…the sad thing is.. I ony saw this mistreatment of dogs by “emotional” people, all other “real” ones take good care of their pets.

Anyway, thats my rant , I miss my dogs/cats and cant wait to pick them up Monday.

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