Darien Lakes State Park,NY

Located around 45 min from downtown Buffalo this seems to be a very nice Campground, the staff was super friendly even though we showed up super early ( 4 hrs before checkin) but they told us to see if the site has already been cleared and if not just to  find a nice shady spot and park till they leave.
Lawn seems well groomed and the bathhouse I checked out was clean. It’s not too busy ( considering we are going to be here for the week only I  hope that it will stay like this.
I tried to find some of the hiking trail but had no luck so far… signage does not seem very well, I spoke to the Ranger Lady and she tried to explain me where the trail heads are but I already walked that way and could only find small trails with no markers leading to dead ends.

Our site ( 91 ) is nice with tons of privacy and VERY good cell reception.


2 thoughts on “Darien Lakes State Park,NY

  1. Looks like a nice place to stop. Thanks for posting a photo of the shower stalls. Finding nice, clean showers is one of those things that makes a difference to me when I’m staying in campgrounds during a road trip!

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