Vegetarian Bratwurst

If there is one thing I love ( being german )  its BRATWURST with SENF from the GRILL

As a vegetarian this isn’t too easy. Last time we were at WallyWorld / Walmart National Park I saw these  “good life” bratwurst and purchased them… As it turns out even they look a bit goofy and lost in the package they actually taste great, have realistic texture great flavor  and look good grilled…. With one exception, their “casing” is really tight and when on the grill/heat  they inflate but once on the plate they shrivel up a bit…

Overall they were great and I will have to look for them again and get a bigger supply and make myself some good old potato salad they way my grandma used to make.

It was good to use the grill again and nice of andrea to share the room with  my sausages

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