Trolley Tour Disapointment

We made the mistake of visiting Nashville on Marathon weekend.

We purchased the tickets for $34 ish each and told the sales rep that we be doing the tour on saturday and asked where to park best. We were told to jump on at the Parthenon. So we did try that on saturday ( marathon day )…we waited and no trolley showed up. I called them and after being transferred 3 times was told that due to the Marathon there won’t be a trolley till 12:30….( THAT INFORMATION WOULD HAVE BEEN HELPFUL BEFORE SATURDAY)

We decided to use tickets on sunday and drove into town and tried to get on the trolley on the stop between 3rd and 4th street ( after visiting the Ryman Auditorium & Johnny Cash Museum) … the trolley drove by one road over but never stopped.. we walked to one of the trolley sales stop and the sales rep got rude with us saying stop #3 is closed due to construction.
My wife.. still trying to save the day asked politely WHERE THE NEXT STOP for us is to get on.. the sales rep kept repeating herself  about stop 3 being closed…finally my fuse blew and I said I want to return the tickets.. she then told us we have to bring it back where we got them from. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE ….NOT.
We walked to the place to return the tickets and were told a Manager has to give Authorization to return the money, the lady talking to us was very nice and helpful. the “Manager” gave his authorization , never even apologized to use and went back in his car.

Unorganized, uninformed, bad customer service, will never use this company again…

ending on a good  and happy note.. this caused us wanting to have a drink and we went into one of the honkey tonks and listened to some great live music…


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