Andrew Jackson’s Hermintage /Nashville/ TN

This is pretty much an all day event if you are interested in history. There are 3 basic components.
The Visitor Center where you can get the Audio Equipment and watch a <20 min video about the live of Andrew Jackson plus a hall with artifacts and more details of him and his wife.
The Mansion ( divided up in groups of 12 and moving in every 6 to 7 min).
The Garden and all the other outside buildings.

There is also what seems to be a good quality restaurant on site.

Entrance is $20 , the optional Carriage ride is $11 but suppose to be good ( get there early).

His Grave was recently vandalized and covered for restauration. Sad that we resolve to such action when we are unhappy with the world.


2 thoughts on “Andrew Jackson’s Hermintage /Nashville/ TN

  1. That’s horrible (about the grave vandalism/desecration). I was just there in April and really enjoyed touring the grounds. So impressed by the wallpaper in the home’s hallways, and learning about how the mansion was modified over the years. Where are you off to next?

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