Backstage Tour at the Grand Ole Opry

$27 per Person and worth it I think.

We went to the Ticket Office and got our tickets hussled back to  main building to join the tour. We made it through security, well almosy.. Andrea’s new knee triggered the alert but after that cleared we joined the group.

The tour started with a 5 min video starring Blake Shelton explaining the History, we then made back through the lobby to the artist entrance and they explained how the artists enters gets checked in , etc. we walked into the backstage area where TV shows like NASHVILLE and HEE HAW  were made. They  also showed us the post office area where artists can pick up mail addressed to them from fans. The Tour continued through the area where the artists can prepare themselves for the show and the greenroom where they wait for their  time on the stage.  There was a photographer that took your picture standing on the famous circle on the main stage…(the cost was $25 and included a digital download)

Overall well worth the money…

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