The St.Louis #1 Cemetery Tour

The group met inside the Basin Station and proceeded to the entrance of the Cemetery. The Guide was fun and had alot of knowledge of the burial technology. Basically they put you in this tomb and since the area gets so hot during the summer your body composes super fast.. After 1 year and 1 day someone comes opens the tomb, tips over the wooden casket and pushes what is left into the back of the tomb.

If your family only had one tomb and someone died within a year you could rent a tomb for a year and then have your remains moved to your  tomb. Some of the tombs have 3 or more chambers  and after your year they push you back and you fall down into a familiy collective bone pan…

We saw the tomb that Nicholas Cage had built for himself and that of a voodoo queen and one of the first civil rights  movement law suits, way before Rosa Parks did not want to sit in the back of the bus.

Very amazing place… you do need a  guide to enter St.Louis Cemetery 1 but 2 and 3 you can enter by yourself.


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