I am not a very mechanically inclined person but certain things just make sense to do yourself and the reality of thing is everyone should know how to do some things.

So I did an oilchange on the RV yesterday, with filter and oil purchase it  costs me around  $50 I paid as much as $150 in a shop for the same thing.
The steps are pretty simple.

  • run engine for 5 min
  • put pan under open oil release
  • replace filter
  • refill oil
  • run engine to make sure no leaks

( waiting for flaming comments on how I am doing it all wrong )

There are ( as usual with a RV ) always minor issues. For one the oil release is dead center over the front axle so you need some sort of funnel contraption to  avoid spillage. The other issue is that the nozzle where you fill in the oil is so far high in engine and close to the top that you can’t lift anything to pour in the new oil. I bought a $12 siphon pump and it worked great.

The 3rd and final issue is that I have long hair and also lazy… while moving around under rig and being too lazy to pull the oil pan out I brushed my pony tail all over the top of the pan that still had oil on it.

However, everything worked out at the end and you can always wash hair…which when I told my mother was my saying as a kid in regards to getting dirty…”It’s OK, my mom can wash it”


One thought on “Oilchange

  1. I agree that everyone who drives should have the experience of doing an oil change (also changing a tire!)

    That said, I don’t like dirty jobs, so I’m happy to leave this to other people most of the time. It’s been 20-odd years since I changed the oil in my own car.

    I think the issue against doing an oil change at home is recycling the oil, right? That’s easier for a shop to do than a person at home, but fairly important for environmental reasons. Washing your car at home is the same; a car wash recycles a lot of the water and chemicals in a way most of us can’t.

    Saving $100 sounds worth it even if you have to make a trip to a recycling place, though. 🙂

    Links to why I think so:


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