Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans

We, specially my wife, were looking forward to visiting the Aquarium in New Orleans. Andrea has been there 25 years ago and said it was amazing. I guess they took the amazing part away when they rebuild it. We had a $3 off coupon and paid  $26 per person to get in.

To put it nicely…it was underwhelming…Andrea had the map and when I finally looked at it i thought it had parts missing… then  if you wanted to go in the Parakeet Aviary  it cost $1.50..want to see the otters closer  and not through a window…another $6.50 please… Movie about saving the reef …better have $6. The food court was pretty big so if you had money left you could spend it there… compared to the Boston Aquarium this place was an embarrasment.

I wanted to ask at the information center if they forgot to give us the second part of the map or if they really charge $29 reg entrance to something that i can super slowly move through in 40 min…

I was laughing cause it was so bad…Andrea was mad which doesnt happen that fast.


One thought on “Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans

  1. It can be shocking how high the entrance fees are to some museums. We paid over $100 as a family of four to visit a science center (I think it was in Vancouver, BC) and found it less awesome than others we’d been to (Boston and Portland, OR, for example) while more expensive.

    For those who have never traveled, how could they know that their local sites are overpriced and underwhelming? Then again, who should pay?

    When taxes are low, that’s government opting out of support for such institutions. When taxes are high, however, I start to feel angry. I believe that cultural and educational institutions should be within reach of all children, at least, if not all citizens.

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