Muffuletta Sandwich

The Plan :

Get up early drive into town park at Basin Station, use restroom, walk to Cafe Du Monde have a romantic breakfast with Beignets and fancy coffee then walk to the Aquarium and afterwards go Central Market get a famous Muffletta Sandwich for Andrea , make it it back  to Basin Station and do one of the Walking Cemetery tours.


We got up early and left early, got stuck due to a train blocking the road. Had to detour through some questionable neighborhoods. We made it to Basin Station and had to wait for them to open.. guy runs in front of me and takes only stall and starts performing an exorcism in there…if it hurts that much to go #2 maybe seek medical help. I am opting for #1 only because i don’t’ want to be number two in that stall after the #2 i just witnessed.

We go down to Cafe Du Monde and apparently everyone had that idea that we had…long line we decided to get andrea her Muffuletta for her to have breakfast then walk back to Cafe Beignet where we had them the night before and get them and coffee from there. Also a long line to wait… we decide to take the moonwalk towards the museum and sit down so andrea can eat her sandwich… I am at maximum HANGRY LEVEL…so i decide to eat the second half of her sandwich for breakfast… well i been a vegetarian for health reason for over a year  so i figure no harm done… we eat the sandwich…not really that good if you ask me and certainly did not made me crave meat and move on.. 40 min later i get nasty heartburn…I knew there was a reason i stopped eating meat…

We do the Aquarium (diff post) and walk back Decatur in search for a place to sit down and have a coffee..everything is either packed with drunks ( 11 am) or too fancy for us. We finally find a place with good coffee and share a Blueberry Muffin.

The good thing…we made it to the  cemetery an hour early and took the Cemetery Tour…


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