Git R Done

We had a productive long weekend…

Saturday we had a great sunny day, I got  the oil change in the RV done and installed the secondary grill thats suppose to help with the road noise when driving > 60mph in rain. using black nylon screws worked great , all we had to do is spraypaint the washer. You can hardly tell they are there.

Andrea  cleaned the leafs from the front of the house  and while we were doing all this  we were notified that that people that looked at the house want to rent it. Now we gotta crank up the work a bit and get it ready..maybe even  early so we can back on the road the middle of august vs the end of it.

Sunday I started cleaning my office and put my dresser on  Facebook Marketplace and it was sold withing 20 min and picked up the next morning. Andrea did the same with hers and it will be picked up in 2 days. I also put some other items we don’t store in the attic and they were sold fast too.

Monday I  did a temporary fix on the Slide awning of the RV. I did a horrible cobjob sowing it back on to the piece still attached to the frame in hope it will hold till we get back to Texas and I can get a new awning made and installed.

We also laid out the dash cover and are happy with the way it looks and hopefully it protects it from the 4 legged claw machines.



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