Capture the smell

We took the dogs for a nice walk our old stomping grounds and walked a small section of the Huckleberry Rail Trail and the smell of the trail, the wet gravel, the pineneeds, the water in the creek was just overwhelming. Memories of hiking with our old and now 2 years dead dog came to mind and we enjoyed the smell more than any views.

You can can capture an area in form of taking a picture, digital, on film or painted. You can take a Video or you can describe it in written word but the ( for me ) biggest capture we can’t do.. SMELL

Each smell has their own smell, the wet musky pine loaded air of the Catskills, the fresh leaf  and fern of the Nachez Trace we hiked, the salty air of Plymouth Harbor, the ??? of New Orleans…walking in spring in a field of fern, the desert with the cactus blooming ….how can one capture these ?



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