Tall Ships & Beignets

We went back into town to see the Tall Ships coming in for the 300 year anniversary. As we walked down the Moonwalk Andrea spotted a large grey ship coming in too. We waited and it turned out to be  the USS Kearsarge , as Wasp class amphibious assault ship…OR like THOSE OF US  that worked on a submarine called it…TARGET

just  kidding, nice boat and the sailors were out on deck in their dress whites.

After we looked at the boat from the distance ( still roped off ) we went back to Cafe Beignet for some food .
We tried to get one of those famous Muffaletta Sandwiches and the Central Market ,but they were closed ( closing at 5 PM ) Cafe Beignet is located a 600 Decatur and has a nice europeans feeling to it…which stops with the lady taking your order which was …not sure I can describe it appropriately  without sounding racist.. Let’s just say  she didnt have the best customer service skills. Andrea ordered her Muffaletta Sandwich here and thought it was pretty good, I had a Vegetarian Sandwich which was horrible, they used  a nasty weird vegetable burger  thing on  rye bread not putting any cheese or giving enough greens  to make it nice… Its not that hard to make a vegetarian sandwich that’s filling, salad, a slice of cheese or if want to vegan cheese cheap and filling.. I make them all the time in the RV.

We also had some Beignets which were fresh made and very good.

There was also some live music which was not too loud and tasteful ( not the banging on buckets like you see on Bourbon Street.



6 thoughts on “Tall Ships & Beignets

    • Working on those is a ton of work i can imagine.. i mean you have a boat and prob can tell all the works it takes outside the water.. I served on a submarine and only had to handle lines when we docked…and that was enough rope work for me to last a lifetime.

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  1. I think it is safe to say that being terrible at customer service crosses all race, religion, and gender barriers.

    Also your photos have made me want a doughnut. Not helpful! 😉 Not as fancy as a French Quarter beignet, but fried dough and sugar are so easy to love.

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