Retail sucks..

Here I said it..Retail sucks and deserve the slow dead it is currently being served.

I went to our local Hardware Store  that always amazed me having everything. I was looking for some DrainCleaner and they only had 2 of the larger bottles in stock.

Went to Lowes to buy some nylon bolt, they had 10 in stock ( I needed 20 )

Went to BestBuy to buy a MicroUSB to HDMI Adapter. First…good luck finding a sales rep, then when I explained what I need he said WE PROBABLY WON’T HAVE IT, led me to a board with adapters said IF we have it it will be here and walked away. ( they did not have it )
Went to BestBuy the following weekend and was asking for a HDD enclosure to make my internal drive a USB drive. nothing in the shelf ( same as in Staples )  and when I asked O got the same WE PROBABLY WON’T HAVE IT and was shown a shelf where it should be if they were to have it.

Amazingly , no one in any of those stores offered to check the stock on the computer or to look up when they will have it AGAIN and in ALL of these cases  I was able to order it online with free shipping and 2 day delivery RIGHT FROM THEIR PARKING LOT.

The really isn’t a point anymore to say “Let’s go to XYZ and get something for a weekend project, just make sure you order it by wednesday so you have it Friday and save yourself the gas to drive around.

4 thoughts on “Retail sucks..

  1. My husband and I (ancient as we are) were just bemoaning the difficulty of picking up “that one little part” locally anymore. Most Radio Shack stores were kind of crummy even when I was a teen, but you could always buy electronics parts there if you knew what you were looking for.

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