T-Mobile Customer Service

Yesterday we had some issue streaming HBO GO via our T-Mobile Hotspot with  BingeOn.

The data was counting against my high speed data even though it was suppose not to. I called Customer Service and was greeted by a nice lady, she couldn’t help me and transferred me to technical support.
The first ODD thing was that the Tech guy did not know about HBO and asked me how to spell that App Name…HBO is spelled Hotel Bravo Oscar.

He then asked me a few questions that made no sense, verified that indeed HBO GO is an approved BingeOn app and told me he would give me 2GB back to my data plan and have engineering take a look.

15 min later I logged in to my account to check if he did indeed give me 2 GB back and saw that he actually gave me 4 GB back…..and also, without my permission, changed my plan from the “Simple Choice North America 6GB MI” Plan to the 10 GB Internet Plan without BingeOn or Stash Data…plus $10 more a month.

I called them again and got another nice lady on the phone who was able to correct the problem and check the Binge settings and have me try to stream again. This time the high speed data usage stayed the same.

Let’s see what it does today when I am streaming.



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