Chalmette Battle Field , New Orleans, LA

After work we took a drive the Battlefield which is only 7 miles from the St Bernhard State Park. I am surprised that a place where something as the as battle of the war of 1812 and for New Orleans doesnt get more  attention, bigger signs, bigger parking lots etc… the gates close at 4 PM and they are pretty punctual about that too but people park outside and use the walking loop for riding bicycles , joggign or walking.

I am surprised how close the lines between the british and the americans were and the little tablets descibing the battle do a good job visualizing the battle. There is also a Planation mansion that used to function as the america headquater as well a short staircase that gets you up on a dyke to the Mississippi…very impressive river.

The cemetery was also impressive seeing the over 15000 graves some absorbed by trees and weathered by the years makes you think about the man and woman protecting our freedom over the centuries.

PLUS it was nice not having to deal with the loud part of New Orleans for a day.20180417_161851.jpg20180417_161906.jpg20180417_161927.jpg20180417_162011.jpg20180417_162054.jpg20180417_162811.jpg20180417_163523.jpg20180417_163834.jpg20180417_164526.jpg20180417_164825.jpg


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