French Quarters / Dinner

We took a drive back to the Basin Station Welcome Center and parked for only $5 (10hrs) and then walked,into the French Quarters. I am not much of a city guy, narrow roads, noises and cityfolks creep me out. There were a few statues and historic buildings I wanted to look at but they all had homeless or tweakers hanging out infront of them.

We tool the advise from one of the ladies in the Welcome center and went to  the Redfish Grill for dinner.

Funny side story, the lady had the same name as my sister and was also from germany and lived about 15 min from where i used to live in Luebeck.

Back to dinner and the French Quarters, I guess for a monday it was very quiet but there was still a large amount of people trying to sleep on sidewalks, groups of visitors intoxicated and liquids of unknown origin running down the sidewalks and streets. The restaurant was clean  and quiet. The food was pricey and not bad, I didn’t have a foodgasm but it was good tasty food, the price tag of $120 was a bit of a kick in the groin.

After dinner we took a stroll down a few roads and then went back to the campground…

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