Welcome home ?

Home ?  the former residence ? the place with the trailer trash on one side and the drunk union steelworker on the other ? Let’s call it “home” for now.

We  made it home 520 miles from Cleveland to Woodstock,NY, uneventful ride and the only highlight was our urge to murder a manboy from New Jersey because he parked so far away from the gas pump that we could not get out and  then he did not know how to pump gas and the attendant  had to explain it a few times( in his defense, in NJ you don’t pump your own gas into the car)

The house was still there, yard needs work and a trimm.
The inside of the house smelled good, I expected it to smell nasty musky moldy…  but none of that.
Friends of ours had a welcome sign in the kitchen and made us some brownies which became dinner.

Them it really started to rain like the end is near and as a welcome from our power company we lost power at 7 PM till about 10 PM.

Welcome HOME




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