Back to reality, at least for a bit…

Looks like our plans to visit Mammoth Cave National Park before make it back to New York to deal with house issue is off the table.
The plan was to visit and travel back the weekend of May 11 but work changed those plans for me and I found out I have to work, nothing crazy, small stuff it seems but spread out over the entire weekend nonetheless. Usually we would have just stayed  put the weekend and leave a week later…but we have doctors appointment that were scheduled and couldn’t be moved… you should not push cancer followup visits down the road.

We decided it makes the most sense to leave here Saturday like we had planned but then beeline it to New York a week early. I canceled and rescheduled  my vacation day already and now we are kinda bummed out about this… Neither one of us wants to go back, we got a nice rhythm going between work, life and fun.


4 thoughts on “Back to reality, at least for a bit…

  1. Hope you have a safe trip back to New York.. and have positive follow up with the doctors. I would state for the record that I enjoyed Wyandotte caves in Indiana better than I did Mammoth cave of KY. But both were impressive.

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    • Thanks, I wrote that cave in Indiana down to visit in the future, we started a little booklet we have with us and scribble places down we want to see… so often you hear something in the radio when driving. Or see it on instagram and when you have time to write it down you forgot what it was.


    • yes…we are both bummed out but hopefully it works out and we get the house rented/sold and and dont have to worry about the NE… I love this lifestyle…work, explore, work… such a relaxing way to live and see the country


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