Being social as a RVer…

I often read in Facebook groups how people seek new friendships while traveling the country and are asking if it is rude to visit other people on their campsite or what the etiquette is.

For me on a personal level ….some people are too intrusive and have no boundaries.  I work full time 8 to 5 Eastern time and get in a real bad mood when people see me in the passenger seat working  with the window open and come over to chat, or they see a sticker on the rig and feel like they have to knock on the door which drives the dogs crazy and makes me look bad on conference calls. We had people knock on the windshield cause they saw the cats laying there….

I am not sure what people don’t understand about working full time. I am not the guy from the matrix, I am not some brainiac that codes for 10 min from starbucks to earn his keep at the company… I have somewhat boring job with a set schedule with meetings breaks, etc… when I am outside with the dogs..THATS MY LUNCH BREAK…sorry I dont have time to listen to your life story, I don’t mean to be rude but … I got the next meeting in a few minutes….

I also love that people with dogs feel the urge to come over. Our oldest dog is 15 years old and it takes him long enough to make up his mind where to poo… we walk him, people see us and come over, we move and think they get the message… no, they keep coming over till he loses his focus and won’t go  …well he will  shit in the RV when we are gone or sleeping… so thanks for that.

People see you pull in come over while you are trying to back the rig in the spot, level it, hook up, get the dogs out etc.. we had it a few times where after saying thanks and good-bye  a few times left people standing outside and had to hide inside for 30 min before they  wandered off.

I understand people trying to be friendly, share stories, wanting to invite you over or themselves to your place. But there is a time and place for all of those…  One thing I have planned is to get a funny but serious DO NOT KNOCK OR DISTURB sign for the RV… big bright yellow..maybe people get the message then.

6 thoughts on “Being social as a RVer…

  1. We have some of these same issues, but Mike’s pretty vocal about explaining our situation. He works full-time, also, with conference calls during a set 8-9 hours. If we’re near someone wanting to be social, Mike’s open about telling them that we are off limits during the day, but offer an invite to stop by if they see us by the propane fire pit in the evenings. It’s hard for some people to understand the concept of working full time on the road, but we find it harder for our friends and family to understand when we are visiting their area. I don’t mind people being friendly as much when we pull in somewhere is as when we are packing up to go (don’t want to forget something in our routine and regret it a few miles down the road). We always tell neighbors we’ll stop by to say goodbye when we are all packed and ready to go. The knocking on the window with the cats is rude, though, as well as interrupting an obvious phone conversation. We don’t run into people being overly friendly often–most of the parks we’ve been in the neighbors are pretty antisocial. To me, that’s okay–I’m an introvert. But, we’ve also been blessed by meeting good friends on the road who’ve become very dear to us. It’s a balancing act, for sure.

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  2. You have a dilemma. People don’t know your working. Most people who are in a campground do it to get away from working.. lol
    I guess the only real way is to be blunt and let them know, then let them know when you will be available.
    Or you could just be that guy! You know, hey whats up with that grumpy man in lot 40? lol
    good luck.

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  3. Maybe a sign you could put up for the business hours, like the “Men working” road signs? It could be playful, but many (most?) people would get the hint.

    “RVer working all day to pay for the rig” ?

    “Working 9-5, but stop by later if there’s a fire in our ring” ?

    I’m an introvert, so I get it. And an RV is a small home, so the outdoors would hopefully be part of your “living room” to extend the space.

    Even my own mother doesn’t seem to understand that if I’m working at my desk, I usually don’t want to chat. If she can see me, I must be “available.” But I make more exceptions for my mom that I would for the guy in the RV in the next spot. 😀


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