8 miles in Santa Ana

It’s been a while that I hiked alone and was able to do the speed I normally do. Of course due to this I kinda pulled something in my leg. Usually the longest I walk  in the South Texas heat with the dogs is 1 to 4 miles. So doing a 8 miler at higher speed  might have not been a smart idea.

I started the hike by the visitor Center and walked on the Wildlife Drive down to the Owl Trail / Cemetery Trail, then the owl Trail south to it back to the Wildlife Trail and down to the Rio Grande. ( I got the typical WELCOME TO MEXICO  message on my phone )

North to the Jaragundi Trail then east on the poorly marked and not well traveled  Oriole trail towards the Resaca Loop Trail which got me back to the Wildlife Drive.

Then the Wildlife Drive west until I hit the junction with the Mesquite trail , followed that to Oriole and then back to the 4 way intersection with  the Jaragundi Trail which I followed north to the smaller trails and then back to the Visitor Center.

took me about 2:45 min for the 8 miles, did not see many much wildlife 1 owl and plenty of lizards in the high gras but it was still a nice and relaxing walk.


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