Dentist and medical billing

Few weeks ago I went to a dentist here in Texas  for a cleaning. The experience overall was not too pleasant but that’s a different story.
Usually I pay my reg dentist when I leave and then they submit to my insurance and I get a check.

When I checked out I was prepared to pay them but they said they will get paid by insurance. Fast forward to yesterday…. I get my mail which included a check for my dental visit, they paid me vs the dentist ( just like they always do )

So we are leaving the area and part of me wants to go back to dentist and pay what needs to be paid but the other part of me wants me to wait till they mail me a bill since I offered to pay right then and there.

Let’s see how long it will take them to get their ducks in a row and bill me properly.

3 thoughts on “Dentist and medical billing

  1. One of the ways our system is broken: how can this process be efficient? How many clerks are filling out forms, mailing them, paying postage, cutting checks, etc. Sigh. And then a different system in every office and at each insurer!

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    • Yes and one of the biggest cost driver in the health care industry is overbilling.. my wife had the same issue…knee surgery where two things were fixed.. the office charged for two surgeries…when I called they got nasty with me telling me its not my job to question their billing codes…i called my health insurrance ( talked to them and suddenly we get a credit for the second surgery )… caught that provider in two more “mistakes” …how many people with insurrance do not check or question their billing and these providers get away with this ?

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