Being a good overnight guest

We pulled into the Cracker Barrel in Cullman ,AL at around 6 PM last night 3 of the 4 RV sport were taken. 1 by a guy with a horse trailer, 1 by a regular car and 1 by a class A with a toad still attached and  half way in the road leading around the parking lot.

Then a few hours later a class C pulled in and also never  detached the toad sticking out in the roadway on the other side.

When I walked the dogs in the morning I saw that another class A pulled in also didn’t detach and put the jacks down.

OK,it  rained last night, it poured, I got soaking wet but it is still common sense to not block the road for others.

People always complain that it is getting hard to find free overnight places…well thank people like this.


5 thoughts on “Being a good overnight guest

  1. Are there more rude/thoughtless people, or are we just crowded closer together, making the impact more immediate?

    Thoughts of bodies jammed together like sardines in airplanes come to mind. We might be more horrible, but maybe only a tiny bit, while it is constantly brought to the fore by being touched—physically, pyschic-ly—by strangers.

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