10 hrs Day on the road

We departed New Orleans after filling the freshwater tank and dumping grey and black. The 5th wheel infront of us used the dumping station as a place to fiddle on his trailer a bit so we had to wait 10 min for him to be done.

We started out good but soon it began to rain like crazy and we took a few small break to see if the weather gets better.

It turned out to be a  long 10 hrs driving day, we had to unhook the Toyota in pouring rain at a Cracker barrel on a slope crammed in with a horse trailer on one side and some guy who thinks  he can park anywhere.


One thought on “10 hrs Day on the road

  1. that guy at the dump station fiddling with his trailer? I see him every time I am at the boat ramp too! And the guy who cant park shops at the places I do.
    If you ever at a place that has a boat ramp that is a busy place…do yourself a favor and go down there about noon. Take a picnic and stay to the side. It is very entertaining. I told my wife that I know at one time I was a rookie, but I sure hope I was not that guy!

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