Rescaca Vieja Trail

We went back to Benston State Park. It saddens me to have read last week that  this StatePark did not get an exception from the Border Wall funding and might be inaccessible within the next 1 or 2 years.

I am sure there are regions where Borderwalls might make sense but cutting these wildlife sanctuaries off from other breeding population and leaving them to drown in case of a flood makes no sense.

Its 2018 and we cant come up with a better environmentally friendly solution to protect out border and natural resources ?

The Trail was nice and refreshingly green compared to the weeks many time before we visited Bentsen… Apparently the Mosquitos got the message too and were out in force. Andrea awas not happy and got grouchy fast.

Note to self, when hiking in South Texas bring PLENTY of water and Insect repellent .



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