Texas Onion Fest 2017

Back in New York  we used to go a the Garlic Festival in Saugerties, NY, so it seems only logical to visit an Onionfest when you hear about it.

Entrance was $10 at the door or $6 when purchased online and printed yourself

Parking was well organized and within close walking distance to “the action”
There was a carshow with old and modern sportscar and plenty of unhealthy food option and the usual “flea market” merchandize.

The “highlight” was a Mexican Dancing horse presentation. Which to be honest made me feel a bit uneasy as to  regards of the treatment of animals. YOu could see bloody scabs on the horse with lighter colors from where the spurs hits and some of the movement  the horses did seemed very unnatural and the horses looked uncomfortable and in distress.

I am not a crazy PETA person but it just didnt feel/look right. But then alot of things in Texas dont. Just the fact that so many people chain their dogs outside no matter how hot or in this winter COLD it gets.

Well back to more joyful things… I pigged out… I started off with a spiral deep fried potato on a stick, then me and the wife shared ( 80/20 ) a blooming onion and we had some of these shaved ice things with “tigerblood”
I enjoyed this for days after.

the place was very children friendly not too loud and very spacious.


4 thoughts on “Texas Onion Fest 2017

  1. gosh darn it, i hate to see a dog on a chain. Your description of the dancing horses sounds like a circus animal. Most were loved and cared for but many were abused for our entertainment. Horses are a magnificent animal to look at but I am scared of them up close. There is a horse rescue near me and it is criminal the condition of some of those animals they get. Tators and Onions. I would love it and my wife would pay for it! lol

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    • As a kid i used to love all thing an8mals but now i feel very uneasy to animal in capture and being used for shows….the dogs down here are really heart breaking, no other way to describe it.very few people also seem to walk their dogs in parks etc.


  2. The mere fact of a festival dedicated to either onions or garlic would make my husband wish to avoid the entire state. 🙂

    I’ve just been reading about the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria, and listened to an audiobook with my son starring a Lippiza stallion (Star of Kazan by Ibbotson), and, at least according to people who clearly love this tradition, the horse must “want” to do these actions and “be eager to learn” to be selected for the program.

    They are supposed to be cultivated versions of actions young horses do at play?

    I know nothing more about training horses than what I read in a few children’s books, but I always wonder when I see trained animals how much their interests have been considered…

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    • I always wonder what the def. of MUST WANT TO is …if i look at a horse in the wild I never see such behavior….but then i dont know horses either..my logic just work in a way that the horses act a certain way because they are trying to avoid spurs or leashpulls…but who knows


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