Made in America

Lilly is still in her chewing phase and sometimes when she is being left alone  she finds something to chew on and destroys it.

This time it was  the endcap of out Henry Survival Rifle… I like to take that rifle hiking but without the end cap all the stuff will just fall out. I looked at OEM caps to save money and they were about $20. I ended up calling Henry Rifle direct  told them the dog ate the cap, they laughed asked for my shipping address and told me I will have the new cap in 10 days… I was baffled and asked how I am going to pay and they told me that it was FREE.

FREE ? free replacement part for something that was totally my fault for a rifle that’s over 5 years old ?

5 thoughts on “Made in America

      • I have a 22 golden and 17HMR. Both levers and both excellent. the 17 is really light if you have a wind leave it home. I mounted scopes on mine as the eyes not they use to be. Hate a scope on a lever gun! Have you did any hog hunting down there yet Henry got some good hog guns too. I always wanted to do that but never did. I also put the big grip lever on mine. Got them from Henry also.

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  1. Finding out which companies still offer superior customer service is one of the things the internet does really well.

    I’m not in the market for a rifle, but I am likely to remember this anecdote if ever the subject comes up. 🙂

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