Sick in a RV

We I got sick for the first time in the RV. Really not much different to being sick in the S&B.
Of course it came and THE WORST TIME… i had a big software deployment that week, plus it was easter weekend and I had a big hike at Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge planned.

The software deployment had some SNAFUs and  my days I spent fueled by dayquil working long hours and at night using nightquil. Then due to processing time I ended up working half a day on good friday.  Saturday I felt a bit better but I am going to take it easy this weekend. One of the dogs and one of the cats tried to comfort me while I was passed out waiting for work to call me back.


3 thoughts on “Sick in a RV

    • All meetings were remote…all i had to do was roll out of bed suckdown some dayquil and hope to hit the right keys on the laptop…
      This is the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in South Texas i was planning on hiking, I wonder of the Santa Ana River is named after he same guy…

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      • Probably! Funny. Well, hope you are feeling better now. Take care and keep no the good work. I love being in the RV but it feels good to return to a house to wash clothes and walk around in. I live in a remote desert called Anza-Borrego Desert State Park


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